Cloud Accounting in Rutland

Xero Certified Advisors & Silver Champion Partners

Ever heard other people talking about Cloud Accounting?

But not really sure what it means, or if it would help you and your business, and even if it would help how do you get into the Cloud?

If you are thinking all of these things then you are at the right place and one step closer to understanding how Cloud Accounting might fit with your business.

If you want your business to work faster and more efficiently, then working in the cloud might be the solution.

Many small businesses use online bookkeeping software like Xero and Hubdoc to speed up these administrative jobs, and cut down the chances for human data-entry errors.

These tools can:

  • Pull transaction data straight from point-of-sale (POS) system, invoicing software, and banks

  • Dramatically speed up bank reconciliation

  • Automatically pay bills

  • Send automated invoice reminders to people who owe you money

  • Tell you when sales invoices have been paid

  • Allow you to check cash flow from your phone

A better overview of your businesses finances

Cloud Accounting using software like Xero will give you a better overview of the financial position of your business and with supported Apps it can improve your productivity.  For example, additional Apps like Payroll, Projects and Time Management all feed into your purchases and sales invoices and together provide you with the financial overview you need to make those difficult business decisions.

We like to think that your record keeping shouldn’t be a chore.  It should be a simple task using a process which you are confident and familiar using.  We’ll set you up working with Xero and give you the support you need to get the most out of the software.

Bookkeeping in the 21st Century

We both use and recommend Hubdoc and Xero to capture and record your financial data. Both systems work seemlessly together and with some expert planning you should be able to streamline your processes whilst maintaining suitable financial controls.

Xero also connects to and can pull financial data in from over 800 online business apps to help make your business run more efficiently.

At Arcus we are Xero Silver Champion Partners, Payroll Certified Advisors and generally pretty savvy when it comes to the web.

Use Hubdoc to capture your receipts the easy way from your computer, tablet and/or your mobile phone.

Use Xero to issue sales invoices on the go (from your mobile too) and supercharge your bookkeeping by automatically importing bank statements and reconcile at the click of a button.

 * for real time accounting to work at its best, spend a few minutes each day on your admin.

Why choose Arcus?

Cutting Edge

New technology makes managing your financial information easier and quicker by using Accounting Apps on devices which can connect to the internet.

Real-time Information

New use of cloud technologies means you can view cashflow in real-time on the go, anytime, anywhere!


We have been working with Xero for a while now and our proud to announce we are Xero Certified Experts and Silver Champion Partners.

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