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From start up to established business, using Arcus, it all adds up

Take your business to the next level

All businesses have to keep accurate financial records as a legal requirement for HMRC or for Companies House, and failure to do so can incur penalties and fines.

However, simple bookkeeping procedures can help you with your legal responsibilities and help you manage your businesses cashflow.

Regular monthly bookkeeping using mobile apps such as Xero and Hubdoc, which enables you to scan your purchase receipts immediately onto the cloud, and reducing the time you spend looking for lost receipts. Xero can be used anywhere from any internet connecting device. With real time cashflow information, you can access an accurate understanding of what’s been paid and who’s paid you. Collaborate and share the information with your accountant and the information is there ready to be processed by us on a monthly basis or as frequently as your business needs it!

Monthly Fixed Fee Plans

We will agree in advance with you exactly what you want us to do for you.  For some you may want us to take away the burden of the entire accounting process and for others you may want some involvement in the bookkeeping processes but not some of the others. It’s entirely up to you and we’ll tailor a package that meets your needs both financially and time-wise.

We will set you up paying a monthly fee which equates to 1/12th of your annual accounts fee, that way you won’t receive any additional invoices from us.

We will support you during transition from another firm and whilst you get familiar using your new processes.  We will get you started on Xero bookkeeping and offer some training so you know what your doing.  We will work with you so you get the best out of our service to you, and we’ll work together to help you achieve your business goals both personally and financially.

New business start ups

So we have lift off…

Starting your own business is roller coaster of emotions, its exciting and scary in disproportionate amounts, but no doubt its something your dreamt about for a longtime, and finally your embarking on your journey.

But then suddenly in addition to all the new ways of working, including managing  customers and suppliers, and maybe premises and logistics, and earning some money, you now need to think about Tax and Bookkeeping, and registering for Self Employment and company structures.  The list becomes endless and stressful.  But help is at hand and we can be there to support you on this epic journey!

Book an appointment with us and we’ll get your dreams of self employment off to the best start.

What we can do to help you?

  • We can discuss to benefits of the best company structure for you clearly explaining the positives and negatives of your situation.

  • We can explain how best to record your bookkeeping and get you started recording your businesses transactions.

  • We can talk about your business and personal tax and help you make a financial provision for them so you don’t get any unpleasant tax bills.

  • We can discuss to benefits of the best company structure for you clearly explaining the positives and negatives of your situation.

You can benefit from our many years of supporting new starts up and our diverse local market knowledge of sectors we currently represent.

Services we offer

Why choose Arcus?

Regular client contact

We’d rather be in frequent contact with our clients in order to not only keep your records up to date but to better understand you and your business and assist you in monitoring the overall financial performance of your business.

Cloud Accounting

We are constantly striving to help clients to improve their bookkeeping processes using cloud based software & direct bank feeds thus reducing the time you spend on administration.

Vast sector experience

From Glamping to Retail to Farming and Consultancies.
We’re working with many local businesses in a variety of industries, so whatever you do we’re confident we can support you.

Require some more information?

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